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An amusement park which simply cannot be imitated: Tivoli, the most visited in the world. Established in 1843, the park is definitely worth a visit. Tivoli is an oasis of delight with its unique mix of ancient and modern, reality and fairy tales atmosphere, carousels and other attractions that make it the perfect place for people of all ages.

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Hans Christian Andersen used to go there too! It becomes really amazing especially during Halloween and Christmas openings, when a special outfitting is set up to offer an unforgettable experience to its visitors. The Christmas market is ranked among the oldest and most famous in Europe, and it is probably the best of Scandinavia. Made up of 50 stands, it is held all over the park. Take a walk there and you will simply breath Christmas all around like you never did before. If you are a brave-heart you can take a ride on the breath taking rollercoasters, but if you just want to relax you can enjoy an evening at the theatre inside the park and eat a slice of cake in one of the many brasseries, or go for dinner in nice restaurants. For the sake of curiosity, did you know that all the lights and the rides of the park are powered with energy produced in the wind park of Advedore? Welcome to Denmark.

Practical information

  • Situated in front of Copenhagen Central Station only 15 minutes walking from Stroget, Tivoli is easy to reach either by bus, train or metro.
  • The price for the entrance is 100 DKK, while if you want to add illimited rides the ticket costs 199 DKK (which is fair enough taking into account that a single ticket costs DKK 25 and for the most spectacular rides 2/3 single tickets are required).
  • Full of nice restaurants, bars and cafè inside, great variety of choice.
  • Seasonal openings (check on the website for more info).

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