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They will tell you it’s not Copenhagen, but a different Kommune.. don’t worry, you’re in one of the “chichest” areas in town!

If you are a CBS student you’ve to be ready to get familiar with Frederiksberg, where the campus is located. Are you expecting to find a lot of cheap clubs and restaurants all around, and cheap accommodation? Forget that. Frederiksberg is a residential area, scattered with prestigious bourgeois buildings, beautiful avenues and green-belts. Excellent shopping facilities, such as Frederiksberg shopping centre, contribute to make it a comfortable neighbourhood to live in.

Historically, average inhabitants of Frederiksberg have always been richer than the rest in Copenhagen, and still today they are older and more established. The neighbourhood still preserves a sophisticated and posh appearance, as confirmed by the wide choice of café, bars and sushi restaurants that are located here. The area also offers great amusement opportunities, such as the Zoo, Frederiksberg Palace, or the Storm museum. If you want to buy something quintessentially Danish this is the right place: literally on the side of Porcelænshaven building (part of CBS campus) there is a factory outlet of the old Royal Porcelain Manufacturing where you will find typical blue and white amazing porcelains at a discount. However, don’t worry. You will never feel completely lost in Frederiksberg even if you’re not a wealthy middle aged Danish, as there are many students around and some good places that will suit students pockets. For example in A-vej, Berlin Bar, Guldfasanen, you can get an affordable drink after classes.

Practical Information:

  • The area is served by Frederiksberg and Fasanevej metro stations, as well as by many buses.
  • It is pretty safe to walk or bike here at night.
  • Distance form the city center: 15 minutes by bike. No visible border with the rest of Copenhagen, although it is administrated as a separate municipality.

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