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If I had to describe Christiania in one word, I would only say “freedom”. This area is regulated through its own legislation and not subject to national Danish tax regime. Born as an experiment of few “free thinkers”, this tiny plot of land resists as an alternative centre in the heart of town. The second word I’d think of is “colourful”: a melting pot, a mix, of shacks and colourful houses, walls and graffiti, built around the small lake inside the park.

Christiania can be thought of as an unsafe area of Copenhagen due to the high volumes of opiates and marijuana that circulate inside with restricted access of police to the community. However, the rules that govern the territory prohibit any form of violence, and visitors are more than well accepted if they strictly follow the code of conduct wrote at the entrance, which mainly consists in: don’t run, don’t make photos, and don’t use the phone. During week ends it becomes one of the most attractive place for tourists, who take a walk there enjoying the cafes inside, street artists, reggae music.. and smoke. Whether you think Christiania is a pleasure island or a controversial place, without any doubt it is ranked among the “must see” in Copenhagen. For sure it is something hard to replicate. My advice is to go there on a sunny warm Saturday afternoon (if you’re lucky enough to see a day like this in Denmark) and follow the river of visitors inside, until you reach one of the café where you can enjoy a juice surrounded by Christiania’s bizarre people and atmosphere. Well, if otherwise you’re planning to stay here in winter, please don’t give up: you will be surprised to know that one of the best Christmas markets in town is located in Christiania.

Practical Information:

  • If you want to have a safe time, stick to the rules.

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